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Our Philosophy

Through our own personal experiences with our very own pack, influences from other dog trainers, and a strong drive to understand the psychology behind the mind of a dog; we formed our training philosophy.

We show our clients how to communicate with their dogs in THEIR language. Dog communication consists of body positioning and creating healthy boundaries. The education our clients receive creates not only a well-behaved dog, but also helps them build a better relationship with their dog. An empowered dog owner can be a confident leader for their pack.

What to Expect

Most of our training will be done at the dog's home. Yes, We come to you!!!

Our training style consists of behavior modifications for the dog as well as education for their owner. We do not believe there are any hopeless dogs out there, just dogs that need structure. Dogs want and crave a confident leader. We strive to educate owners on how to be that confident, consistent leader their dog looks for in their daily life. It takes work to build any relationship in life, including one with your dog. Well behaved dogs tend to come from a relationship built on clear expectations.

“We speak dog, and so can YOU!”

Get in Touch

Visit our contact page to get in touch with us via our Website, Facebook or Instagram!

Shoot us a brief description on breed of dog, age, and the reason you are reaching out for your dog’s training. Please also let us know if you have any additional dogs in your home. Yes, We will work with any number of dogs that live in the same residence. We encourage multiple dog households to get the whole Pack on the same page.


Training is scheduled in 5 session increments; one session per week for five weeks. We strive to be as flexible as we can with your schedule. Each session usually runs 1 hour to 2 hours in length(typically you can expect 1.5hrs).

We typically have a waiting list and it is on a first come first serve basis. We will get to you and your pup as soon as we possibly can!


All clients start in our FOUNDATION Level. We move through the training levels as quickly or as slowly as the client and dog are capable. 

Clients that have spent time training their dogs previously, may find themselves moving quickly through the training and may get beyond the FOUNDATION Level during the first five sessions.


This is our main training package. This is for dogs of all ages! Our training is scheduled in 5 session increments; 1 session a week for 5 weeks. FOUNDATION Level will teach you and your dog basic communication. This will help you become the leader of your “Pack.”

 - Behavior Modification is always a big part of our training and will be the main focus if needed!


We will show you and your dog a skill in each session. Your homework for that week will be to practice what you learned with your dog each day to obtain a firm grasp of that skill. The following session will begin with checking how successful you were in obtaining that previous week’s homework.


We do this training in YOU and YOUR DOG'S HOME. Yes, We come to YOU!!! We feel the dog will retain the information and training more concretely if it is done in their own home environment, where most of their time is spent. We not only teach the dog but we teach YOU, the owner! We show you how to talk to your dog in dog language to build that relationship!


 - Becoming Pack Leader (owner)

 - Personal Boundaries (ex: jumping)

 - Basic Impulse Control Skills

 - Intro to Leash Walking (Heel position)

 - Leash and In-Home Reactivity

Once the FOUNDATION level has been passed YOU and your dog will GRADUATE and you will be ready for the next step!



Once you and your dog have gone through our FOUNDATION Level, we do offer MORE LEVELS of training. We always schedule in 5 session increments; 1 session a week for 5 weeks. We encourage our owners to spend some extended time bonding with their dog, practicing their skills, and establishing a well-defined relationship first. The skills need to be sharp to take on the next level of challenges.




When you start Intermediate Training, you should have an understanding of your dog and the dog should know the clear expectations you have set for them up to this point.

INTERMEDIATE Level is a step up from our structured FOUNDATION Level. We consider this our bridge level between FOUNDATION and ADVANCED. Here we will really start to focus on Obedience Training

The INTERMEDIATE Level will start to introduce new challenges and distractions to the already learned FOUNDATION skills.


 - Obedience through movement and other test. (Sit, Down, Place)

 - Intro to getting a consistent RECALL

 - Obedience on First Command

 - Holding position until released

 - Leash Walking with more distraction

 - In-Home Open Space Boundary setting


You and your dog are now ready to start putting all your hard work on display. We will now begin to work and test obedience and leadership at new levels!

ADVANCED is the next level. At this point both you and your dog have taken on and have accomplished graduation from our FOUNDATION and INTERMEDIATE Levels. In this level of training we will really start to push the skills learned previously and start testing and continuing to build the bond you have built with your dog. In addition, we will take YOUR long-term GOALS and plan how to slowly step into them. Your Training Skills will be strengthened as we work towards YOUR long-term GOALS!


 - Obedience with higher distraction

 - Holding Obedience in new areas (ex: In Public)

 - Start Off Leash RECALL outdoor

 - Leash Walking in any environment

 - Outdoor Open Space Boundary setting

It is now time to put a plan in place to grow your relationship with your dog into a force that can not be shaken in any environment! 

ALPHA is our FINAL Level. At this point both you and your dog have taken on and have accomplished graduation from our FOUNDATION, INTERMEDIATE, and ADVANCED Levels. There also has been a minimum of 6 months of you and your dog practicing and bonding! You are now ready to take on the toughest challenges! We are going to step and work through some of the biggest distractions that may surround you in your GOAL settings.

ALPHA Level will be ALL GOAL focused. This will be where we take the steps necessary to get you and your dog to the places that you always wanted to go but you never thought was possible!



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